Getting Active with your Dog at the Canine Games

Getting Active with your Dog at the Canine Games

Dogs have a built in working instinct and love to have a “job” to do. They thrive at any chance to participate, which is why a bored or under-stimulated dog may repeatedly escape the yard or display what we call “destructive behavior” in the home, when he is really just trying to be true to his primal desires by keeping his mind and body active. (Maybe we humans can take a lesson in this!)

A stimulated dog is a happy dog.

Redirecting that natural energy to an ongoing positive activity satisfies the dog’s need and they become more relaxed and easier to train. When an owner provides activities that appeal to their dog’s natural instincts, it is of enormous benefit to their dog’s mental and physical well being, and The Canine Games are a great way to burn off some of that pent up energy and sample what activity you and your dog may be interested in doing together. They are held each year at the Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Missouri, a fantastic venue sponsored by a local dog club and rescue where a number of fun and active “dog sports” are demonstrated.

Dock Diving at the Purina Canine Games | Mud Dogz
Featured Image: Disc Dog | Above Image: Dock Jumping

The dog gets all the exercise her body needs as well as keeping her active mind stimulated through intense and pleasurable focus. In a nutshell, the dog gets to be a dog! The best part is the dogs are noticeably happier and more willing to accept down time naps!

Dogs and humans of every age, size or energy level can try out any activity they wish. You may be very surprised at what your dog has an aptitude for! These are active participation sports for both parent & pup, so “watching from the side lines” is not allowed!

Lure Coursing at the Purina Canine Games | Mud Dogz
Lure Coursing

Being willing buddies, dogs are mostly happy to go along with our agenda, but they do have instincts, drives and interests of their own. Dog sports showcase these natural abilities and take exercise and activity to the next level.

The activities are designed to stimulate the different natural instincts our canines are so eager to display. If you find a sport that your dog is crazy in love with, it is easy to find a club to join that practices together. You can just participate for the fun and exercise or you can take it to the next level in competition. It is exhilarating to watch your dog when he is in his element, at his truest potential and at his happiest!

A beautiful side effect is that the owner benefits in much the same way thus creating a strong & happy bond with their companion. Playing in this way┬ánot only strengthen your dog’s muscles, but stimulates their mind as well.

If there isn’t a local canine games event in your area, you can still play and benefit from these activities at home. We will lay out the details of each game and what you can do to set them up yourself in a future post!

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